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When a young man..

Sometimes an event happens that just really gets to you.

The tragic, sudden, death of Danny Jones on May 3rd really got to me and a lot of other people I’ve spoken with.


Danny, 29, was a Keighley Cougars Rugby League player and the father of very, very young twins. He hadn’t had any collisions or hard tackles in that game.

He died from an undiagnosed heart disease, as the autopsy found. Here’s why it got to me.

I was born in a terraced house, long demolished, a few hundred yards from the ground. We used to wander it at half time for nowt when no one was looking.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a heart condition at Airedale General Hospital, just outside Keighley.

I’m a keen runner and was heading towards my holy grail of a 1 hour 30 minute half marathon, 1’35″40 was my best (so far!) in October 2012.
The cardiac specialist put a stop to that until he’d sorted out a batch of tests.

Luckily, the cardiac man has given the all clear.

So maybe the sad story of Danny Jones has got to me so much simply because “There but for the grace of God..”?

On Sunday May 10th I’ll run the Bosworth Half Marathon in my Cougars shirt. It’ll be hot, but I’ll be there. This lad won’t.

Rugby League players, like the vast majority of sportsmen and women, are not paid anything like the headline figures you see for Football, Formula One, Baseball or Basketball stars.

Here’s the Danny Jones fundraising page

Picture credit – the picture came from the BBC news web site. I think they’ll be okay with this.