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Half the keyboard doesn’t work

“And yet, when I tried it at home I had no problems”

Sound familiar?

It’s actually a design feature – making half the keyboard not work as expected.

laptop keyboard

The keys in question are  7 8 9 0 and u i o p  and j k l ; and m and /

Look carefully at one of these keys (let’s use u)

laptop keyboard

Look carefully and the number 4 is shown beside the letter U. This is because on a laptop or a netbook you have the option for a ‘numeric keypad’ as you’d normally see on the right hand side of a full size keyboard.

This is a great facility for quickly entering information into spreadsheets, but a total pain if you accidentally click the num-lock option on your laptop.

If you’re writing about milksoup it can be a real challenge. (I guess it exists – after all you can get ‘Cream of … soup’ – there must be a cheap version).

How to fix it

Find the function ke sequence that turned it on and turn it off again. On my Samsung Netbook it’s the Fn and F11 key – as shown here. Hold the Fn key down as you press F11. (On Toshiba laptops it’s Fn and F1). Look for the Numberlock symbol

laptop keyboard

  laptop keyboard

Now for that milksoup article 🙂