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Where are we really heading?

Proceed with caution


Wearing three hats* I found the latest blog post from ResPublica somewhat intriguing. The full article is here. if you are interested in the way the decision influencers are thinking – I believe the article is worth reading. That doesn’t mean I agree with it.

It’s difficult to argue with the individual comments and ideas in ‘Power to change the future’ by Mark Pack but there seems to be a lack of co-ordination in the article. This seems to be the same lack of co-ordination that says ‘Remove lumps of the Harnessing Technology Grant mid-stream and use the money to fund free schools’.

Dominant suppliers, directors hiding behind commercial confidentiality and the House of Lords gravy train are all considered – along with early years education.

If I was a journalist I may say – ‘If you’re looking for cracks in the Con-LibDem alliance – here they are’. I’m not, so I won’t.

*I run a company based in Leicestershire. We are based in a voluntary sector hub – as part of that agreement I’m a trustee of the charity. In addition to that, the majority of our customers are primary schools in our surrounding area. (Therefore I’m keenly interested in anything that may affect small businesses, the voluntary sector and primary education).