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Many thanks to Leicestershire Museums and the staff at Harborough for the following information.

In 2000, Ken Wallace of the Hallaton Field Group discovered a collection of Roman pottery in a field just outside the village of Hallaton. The site was excavated with the help of the University of Leicester Archaeological Services, and the discoveries made were astounding.

The Roman finds

333 Roman coins (including the oldest ever excavated in Britain), an ornately decorated cavalry parade helmet,some glass eyes and a few brooches.

Oldest Roman Coin in Britain

This is the oldest Roman coin ever excavated in Britain – believed to date to 211 BC.


Roman Parade Helmet

This is the cheekpiece of the parade helmet. It shows an emperor on horseback with a winged goddess of Victory on his shoulder holding a laurel wreath over his head. Beneath the horse’s hooves a barbarian is crouching. It would have been a very high status item, worn by a cavalry officer (so therefore potentially not a Roman), silver gilt and all highly decorated.


The other finds include more than 5000 silver and gold Iron Age coins, pictured below. All of these items are available to view at the Harborough Museum.

Iron Age coins from Hallaton

All photographs © Leicestershire Museums