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That’s Right – Children Want to Programme

They certainly want to make games.

kodu start screen microsoft labs
Kodu Welcome

Matt Maclaurin ran a fantastic workshop on Kodu at CAS10 on Friday. Whilst I watched what he was showing – I couldn’t help thinking –

Is this the answer to the teachers who say – "After MyWorld, what now?"

Some quick notes from Matt – Kodu is a completely new language and is free to download from

The design philosophy behind it is that it can be teachable by anyone – it’s very creative and visual. Usage so far suggests it’s a great tool for storytelling, and looks like it could be great for literacy.

Kodu example text

My experience of it so far is that it looks a bit sensitive to the PC spec. / graphics card and RAM and you may need to tweak the settings to get the best out of your PC.

But – wow!