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Start Word 2007 in safe mode 

Sometimes – not always – Word 2007 will drive you mad. Most of the time it’s to do with a corrupted start up file, a broken link or a rogue add-on. 

 Here’s a suggestion. Start Word in safe mode (that often gets all the little ducks back in a nice row), then close it, then start it again normally. 

This example uses Windows XP Pro – in Vista / 7 you don’t need run – just use the gap near the bottom of your menus. 

The Run Window

Part 1

Click on the browse button then follow this sequence   

my computer ->c->program files->microsoft office->office12 then select winword.exe   

You’ll see this display   

Part 2

In this display I’ve delected winword.exe If you need to try starting another programme in safe mode select it instead (powerpnt is powerpoint, mspub is publisher).  Click on the open button – you’ll then see   

Part 3

Then, place your cursor in the displayed text – scroll to the end – past the last quote mark, and add the following   

Final Step

When Word starts up – you’ll see this   

Word in safe mode

Close Word, then open it as normal.