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And is the old stuff okay?


Image from flickr – yes, I did use one of these – A LOT

I’ve had a few related emails today from ICT specialist staff as they’re putting together development plans for the next few years. 

The newest information I can find confirms my initial thoughts.
The guidelines are 1 device per 8 pupils in primary and 1 per 5 in secondary. 

Is this stuff any good? And what’s the recommended software?
As far as I can see, there are no specific equipment age / performance recommendations, but here’s some extracts from the ‘User Device’ section of  the snappily titled 114 page  Technical Specification Institutional Infrastructure All network-connected user devices shall have the ability to view office productivity documents. 

Institutions shall ensure that user devices are subject to a maintenance policy that ensures sufficient availability for the needs of the institution’s users. This can be through the maintenance of a pool of replacement user device equipment or through service-level agreements that ensure that faulty devices are fixed in a timely manner. 

Workstations shall exceed the recommended specifications for the operating system and applications that they are expected to use. 

The rest of the document is equally snappy – according to this Gunning Fog Index the reading age is 11.5. 

According to wikipedia – Texts that are designed for a wide audience generally require a fog index of less than 12 – easy made it.