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The BECTA safetynet digest had a very useful link to a question and answer page at OfSTED today. covers a number of areas – including ..
Is Ofsted asking for more than the legal requirements?
Are Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks required for all visitors or volunteers to schools and colleges?
Is written confirmation required that all recruitment and vetting checks have been carried out on individuals who come in to a college or school from an outside agency?
Does the new Vetting and Barring Scheme include governors with regard to CRB clearance?
Should schools and colleges retain documents that are evidence of identity? Previous advice indicated that schools and colleges should destroy this information.
Do schools and colleges have to include the unique reference numbers for staff appointed before 2007?
CRB checks only came into being in March 2002 – is there a need to undertake CRB checks for staff employed before March 2002, if they have not changed jobs and there are no concerns?
Is there still a need for a three-year rolling programme of CRB checks?
Who can enter the information on the single central register?
Does the single central register record the date when the CRB or List 99* check was carried out and who carried out check? Is it necessary to also record the date when the CRB disclosure certificate was evidenced at the school?
Whose name should appear as the person who carried out the check?
How detailed should the record of qualifications be? Do we now have to record the actual qualification held – Certificate in Education and so on? If so, do we have to go back and enter this information for all existing staff members?
Will a school be judged inadequate because of minor administrative errors on its single central register?
Will a school be judged inadequate if there is a footpath running through a playing field used by pupils?
Will a school be judged inadequate because its perimeter fence has holes or is too low?
Will a school be judged inadequate because inspectors were offered coffee before their identities were checked?
Will a school be judged inadequate if it allows parents to drop off and collect nursery children from their classrooms?